Friday, April 4, 2008


The Conglomerates, represented by various galactic interests and facilitated by the quasi-judicial function of the Galactic Federacy, responded to Erthe's emanated signal as announced by the representative SUPERBeings of the Galactic Council. In the vast cosmic arena spanning the eon ages, the Federacy was established to resort the complex circumstances involving such diverse species of the Universe. Occurrences involving differences from among civilizations have deemed the necessity of its establishment.
The Erthean phenomenon deals with the sensitive issue of “creation”, inevitably involving intestellar SUPERBeings relative to such issues. It is existential to address the situation with utmost eloquence uniquely its own. The isotropic characteristic in the space construct of expanding universe relative to Erthe renders complex interconnectivity even with sentient Intergalactic Beings, requiring profound decisions holistically perceived among the Conglomerates.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Somewhere in a planetary system, among ancient stars of the Milky Cluster, the Conglomerates have chosen to convene in the neutral planet of Eliron, with noble and surviving inhabitants that had emerged from the aftermath of stellar nebulae. The once watery planet eventually stabilized after the remnant of the stellar phenomenon, eventually responding to orbital interaction with the superdense dwarf star Soron. Eliron enables to sustain itself independently from the extinguished star by the harmonious symbiosis of bioplasmic energies from the planet’s living inhabitants, with the glowing planet ultimately producing its own life sustaining spectral glow.


Mother Erthe, herself threatened by unwarranted exploitation and environmental destruction, floated her manifest signal unto the vast cosmic sea. In ways profoundly manifesting upon the Universal Consciousness, highly Sentient and powerful Beings of the cosmos have sensed her distress. The Conglomerate of intergalactic civilizations responded to assess the Erthean phenomenon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

refreshed perspectives

As the ages pass, the evolving Erthean Consciousness approached the degrees that can hardly be contained by obsolete cosmic testaments with the SUPERbeings. Instances occur where sentient Erthean individuals manifest rather independently, or much refreshed perspectives than norms and beliefs imposed by pedestal forces. In spite of the series of discord and conflicts, even originating enigmatically beyond the planet, certain Erthean individuals had cleverly dodged over the dilemma. Such occurrence may render significant developments, for the surface Erthean phenomenon manifests a microcosmic gauge of the vast cosmic condition. However, surface Erthean individuals that had manifested consciousness beyond their years were constantly threatened by the bigotry and ignorance of their peers in the midst of regressive and suppressive environments.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The universe is a vast and intricate link, within a distinct part of the Milky Cluster galaxy is planet Erthe, benevolently nurturing within her a varied life. In the midst of the diversity and richness of Mother Erthe’s flora and fauna, is the Erthean human endowed with the stewardship to these treasures. In the perceived deeds of such stewardship, and the complexity of interdimensional relationship among diverse and sentient life forms, it will be an Erthean prerogative, within their conceived concepts, to opt for either sides of their Reality from the varied dimensions, whether to justly endure or otherwise.

From the observing abode of the higher dimension SUPERBeings, the fate of the surface Ertheans remained to be considered. The mesh involved upon lower dimensional surface Ertheans manifest its intricate link with the cosmos despite the quarantined status. Continually, certain Erthean individuals exemplify the persistence of the human spirit, notwithstanding its relegated position. Endeavors manifesting Erthean inquisitiveness of the yet known, his quest for the concept of truth persevered despite the quarantined suppression as manipulated by belief systems orchestrated to limit his perspectives.

Friday, February 8, 2008


The decisive period will be awaited by advanced intergalactic observers with much anticipation, as any crucial evolving species in the vast universe is accorded by the Galactic Family. It is however, a prerogative of the concerned Erthean species to emerge itself beyond dimensional cloaks and hurdles, for such progressive and evolutionary mystery is uniquely an endeavor paved towards individual awareness, reflecting the realization into the species’ collective consciousness, manifesting itself upon the environment of their planet, and with profound intricacy eventually involve into the encompassing holistic depth of universality.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Meanwhile, as Nibiruan orbit approached the latter stage in its rendezvous with Erthe, the Nefilims and other SUPERBeings commenced systematic departure toward their planetary abode, with a sizable remnant embedded in Erthe to observe human progress, or for other purposes only known by them. Nibiruan orbit revolves with the Sun’s solar system in methodical interaction with planet Erthe, and much of Erthean history had continually been revitalized by it. The recent of such interaction prior to the modern era resulted in the manipulation of gravitational influence exerted on the tidal parting of a sea in Egypt, which enabled an influential people to ‘miraculously’ cross on dry seabed, in an attempt to escape from political rivalry. By then, the next dramatic era would unfold upon Erthe and Nibiru as its orbital proximity would again interrelate in the next 3600 years.

A crucial stage was to be expected with surface Ertheans by Nibiru’s next scheduled reappearance on Erthe’s orbital influence. Considerably, Erthean civilization and technology would have evolved dramatically by that time, and will be entering into the modern era. However, the extent of such phenomenon will render into decisive moments as centuries of interaction, and the status of Erthe’s environment will determine the species’ divine right to further blossom or digress.